Drone Rental Policy Agreement


Drone Rental Equipment Lease Agreement:

This Lease agreement between Lessor (Trenddr) and Lessee (current customer) shall be effective as soon as the Lessee confirms the order and makes payment.
A deposit may be required of the Lessee by the Lessor. Said deposit will be held by Lessor until the leased equipment is returned to the Lessor by the Lessee in good condition. The deposit may be used to cover damages to the equipment incurred during the Lessee rental period.
If the leased equipment is not returned or is damaged beyond repair, customer will be billed full retail value of the equipment.
Lessee agrees to notify Trenddr of any damage to equipment during shipping within 3 hours of receiving said equipment; if notice is not received within 3 hours then it is assumed the equipment was received in working order.
Lessee shall use the leased drone for private non-commercial purpose only and shall not fly the leased drone in public and prohibited areas according to the UAE drone flying laws.
Lessee shall return ship the equipment in the same fashion and packaging method as it was received and shall use the return shipping label provided. Lessee shall be responsible for missing packaging and equipment damage or loss incurred due to improper packaging for return shipping. Unless prior arrangement is made with Lessor in writing, if another shipping method or address is used besides the shipping label provided by Lessor then, at Lessor’s discretion, the Lessee shall be responsible for the cost of the return shipment, lost revenue charges, and shipment to the destination desired by the Lessor.
Lessee is notified not to fly the drone in rain or allow it to get wet as this may cause damage for which Lessee will be liable.
Rental period starts the day the drone is picked up or delivered via shipping. The drone shall be returned or shipped back on or before the business day of the last day of the rental period. Business day shall be defined as Saturday through Thursday. After rental period is over, late fees will accrue in the amount of the daily rental rate for the equipment. Optionally, the Lessee may purchase extra rental days and keep the drone for longer periods as long as approval from Lessor is obtained. A rental more than 7 days late (without prior arrangement via the “Contact Us” page) will be billed the entire replacement cost.
As soon as the drone rental equipment is reported “delivered” by Trenddr courier the responsibility for the equipment shall be considered transferred to Lessee. Lessee shall be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of the drone rental equipment. Lessee is advised to monitor the package shipment and assure that someone is available to promptly retrieve the drone rental package from its delivered location to prevent theft or damage from the elements.
Lessee shall notify Lessor and send pictures of any pre-existing damage noted within 3 hours of receiving the drone equipment. Any damage not noted by Lessee as stated, shall be assumed to be caused by the Lessee.
Lessee shall notify Lessor beforehand of any international transportation or transportation by means of any commercial flight of the leased equipment.
Optional Equipment can be provided for lease upon request at an additional cost. Only one battery per drone rental is covered for the leased drone. Damaged Equipment (including rotor blades) must be returned. Before the equipment is shipped back, Lessee shall notify Lessor of any damage incurred and provide photo evidence if possible. Otherwise any damage noted upon return of the equipment will be assumed to be the liability of Lessee.
Lessee shall pay any fees for damages assessed within 10 days of receipt of an invoice for said damages. Payment is due in full after 10 days after receipt of invoice; afterwards a 1% per day late fee will be applied to the outstanding balance.
Any damage to rented equipment will be billed at market value of parts and repair costs plus markup. Parts will be repaired or replaced at Lessor discretion.
Lessor may charge a fee for any gimbal clamp or lens cap that is not firmly in place on the camera gimbal for return shipping, due to wear and tear that this may cause to the gimbal/camera.
Lessor (Trenddr), it’s owner, or it’s affiliates are not responsible or liable for any laws broken, fines or penalties incurred, accidents, damage to person or property, invasion of privacy, sabotage, or damage to the leased equipment whether unintentional or intentional by Lessee or any other mishap that may occur when Lessee is using the drone, including drone malfunction out of control of the user (Lessee). Lessee accepts full responsibility for damage to people or property including themselves and the leased equipment and for operating the drone in a safe manner.
Lessor makes no representation as to the satisfactory operation of the leased equipment and will only process refunds at Lessor’s discretion
Lessor will not be liable to the Lessee for consequential damages resulting from any defect or deficiencies in accepted items.
Lessee shall, prior to returning/shipping back the equipment, immediately notify Lessor of damage incurred to equipment or unsatisfactory equipment performance and provide a written statement of said damage or irregularity and the events and conditions during the time, including, but not limited to the conditions of flight, the wind and weather at the time, and any other pertinent information. Lessee shall, at Lessor’s request, immediately return the leased drone equipment upon noticing such damage or irregularity. Lessor shall not be obligated to provide any refund or compensation should said damage and return occur before the drone rental period expires.
Lessee shall be charged, at Lessor discretion, a lost revenue fee equal to the daily rental rate of the equipment rented for the amount of days for which the equipment is out of service for repair.
Lessor will attempt to process orders in a timely manner, but no representation or assurance of delivery is made for any specific date. Lessor shall not be obligated to credit to the Lessee any sum of money due to equipment not arriving at the time desired by the Lessee. Lessee is advised to make orders in advance of desired time and take holidays and non-business days into account for shipping transit times.
Lessor may at its discretion modify these terms and conditions of Lease and Lessee will be responsible for the new terms unless Lessee terminates the Lease in response to Lessor’s modification of the Lease.
Any information provided by Trenddr or affiliates on its website or via email or any other means of communication should be considered as “information only”, Lessee is responsible for obtaining the correct information on drone operation, care, and control, and laws applicable to drone operation where the Lessee lives. This rental agreement shall take precedence should there be a conflict between this rental agreement and any other communication.
Lessor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Lessor also reserves the right to perform background and credit checks on potential Lessees, at Lessor discretion.
Lessee acknowledges that the drone is not a toy and has fast spinning rotors, is a heavy flying object, and can be dangerous.
Lessee is encouraged to use a licensed Drone Pilot through Trenddr and learn the UAE drone flying laws that may be applicable to drone usage.
If Lessee will take the responsibility of flying the drone, copy of a valid drone flying license is a must to complete the lease process.
Lessee acknowledges being Above 18 years of age.
Lessee shall not alter or attempt to repair any of the drone rental equipment.
Lessee shall return the leased equipment in a timely fashion in accordance with the terms of this lease with all equipment accounted for and in good working condition, normal wear and tear excepted.

Reservation cancellation policy:

Lessee shall be entitled to a full refund if reservation is canceled at least 1 day before equipment lease start date. Lessee shall be entitled to at least a 20% refund of the equipment lease rate if reservation is canceled before the end of the lease. Lessor may process other refunds at Lessor’s discretion. Lessor may issue a “cancellation fee” to the Lessee at Lessors discretion.


LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries can be a dangerous fire hazard. Lessee is advised to read the information contained in the manuals and on the internet on safe charging, handling, and storage information. At a minimum Lessee should charge LiPo batteries while attended on a fireproof surface. Lessor shall not be held liable for any accident, incident, or mishap resulting from the storage, use, or charging of LiPo batteries.

Lessee is hereby notified of the following required operating practices:

Do not fly out of line of sight
Do not fly at night
Do not fly over 400 ft above ground level
Do not fly within a 5 mi radius of airport without ATC approval
Do not fly near manned aircraft or any other unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircraft must yield the right of way to manned aircraft
Do not fly in areas of magnetic or electromagnetic interference or disturbance
Do not start a flight on a metal surface such as a sewer cover or metal truck bed
Do not stand directly under the drone
Do not fly over others
Do not fly close to radio, cell, or microwave towers that could interfere with the drone
Do not fly drone when it is below 30% battery
Do not fly in high winds
Do not fly in the rain or other inclement weather
Do not land in wet grass or mud
Do not fly indoors
Do not fly on cold soaked batteries (equipment left in the cold will not function properly)
Always give right of way to manned aircraft
Always be ready to override any automatic flight mode such as return to home, activetrack, waypoints, etc.
Always read and follow the Quick Start guide exactly before every flight
Always practice and learn to fly in an open area grass field away from people, buildings, and trees.
Always scout out your flight area before you actually start the drone. Take note of tree limbs, buildings, people, other obstacles and uneven terrain that may be near your flight path.
Always place black rotors on the 2 black posts and the silver rotors on the silver posts. NOTE THAT THE BLACK ROTORS ARE SCREW ON COUNTER CLOCKWISE.
Always fly in an open area over soft ground until you are comfortable with the control and operation of the drone
Always assure battery is firmly locked in place securely before flying
Always calibrate compass correctly (will not work in doors) before every flight
Always assure a full charge on batteries, wifi extender, and remote control before flight
Always land the drone immediately if any abnormal operation is noticed or an error message comes up on the FPV screen.
Remember that a drone flying up to 30+ mph has a lot of inertia and the forward movement of the drone will continue for some distance even after you have rotated the drone. Plan ahead for obstacle avoidance.
Consider doing an IMU, gimbal, and remote calibration if the drone seems to not be responding appropriately.

Video Footage, Pictures Editing and Media Production Service:

Taken Videos and Pictures can be edited upon lessee request at an additional cost defined by the lessor.
Taken pictures or video footage are properties of the lessee and shall be kept private.
Lessor may request lessee’s approval to use taken pictures or video footage for promotional and commercial purposes.
Lessee may review and request to re-edit media up to two times.
Edited pictures or video footage will be shared via cloud storage over the internet.